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H Sacred Choir Anthems and Compositions (Not necessarily by Mondoy)

Christmas Season

The Age of Expectation (Flowerday/Mondoy) CS 82
African Noel Johnson
And The Glory of the Lord (Messiah)
Carol of the Bells Wilhousky

At Christmastide Offut  [GIA]
Child of Joy and Peace Haas  [GIA]
The Babe of Bethlehem Ehret
Fanfare for Christmas Day Shaw
From Heaven High Routley   [GIA]

Glory to God  Laginya [GIA] SM 30
Pat-a-pan Batastini   [GIA]
The People Who Walked in Darkness Valentine [GIA]
Psalm 96 "Today is Born Our Savior" Mondoy
Sleeps Judea Fair Hugh MacKinnon

Unto Us A Child is Born
Mondoy '07

Cantate Domino Pitoni [Oxford]
E Hauoli E Waia'u, arr. Mondoy
E Hele Mai Käkou, Chapman & Massanari, arr. Mondoy, 2004
Exultet Frese {Publisher?]
God's Holy People Author [GIA]
God is Our Hope and Salvation Bach [Oxford]
He Leo Noi Hear Our Plea, O Lord of Love (1998, 2001
Helio Mondoy (2002)
Holy Ground Author [Publisher]
Mai Iesü Ke Ola Mau Bach (see My Spirit is Joyful)
My Spirit is Joyful Bach [GIA]
'Ole Aloha Me Ko Iesü Lä  Mondoy (2001)
Pömaika'i Wale   [Blessed Assurance} (2001)
Psalm 131/Hymn  Mondoy (1982)
Quam Admirabile Author, arr. Mondoy
To This Table, Lord, We Come (Hughes)  [GIA]
Weave One Heart Haugen [GIA]
When Jesus Wept Billings
We Are God's Own People (Wehiwehi 'Oe) Lira 270/BH 267
H Original Sacred Choir Compositions & Anthems & Arrangements


A Canticle from Titus (1994)
Ave Plena Gratiae (1986, 1990, 1995)
Easter Suite (1980)
New Testament Canticle "Worthy Are You, O Lord"
New Testament Canticle  "Mighty and Wonderful" (1985)
Psalm 131/Hymn  Mondoy (1982)
Psalm 68 (A Song of Triumph) (1983)
Upon You Does the Lord Shine (1977)
We Are Reborn in Love Dufay (2000)


Damien the Blessed
E Aloha Mai Ia'u, E Ke Akua Psalm 57 (1995, 2002)
For a Peaceful World Aluli
He Leo Noi Hear Our Plea, O Lord of Love (1998, 2001)
Helio Mondoy (2002)
I Ho'okahi Ka Mana'o Put on Christ's Attitude [St. Paul] (1996)
Iesü O Këia Ahiahi O Jesus, Come and Grant Your Blessing (1976, 1995)
Iokepa (St. Joseph)  Aluli
Ho'omaika'i ( Give Thanks) Aluli
Kamiano (Camacho)
Nani I Ke Akua  Glory to God, Hawaiian Mass III (1979)
'O Iesü Ka Pöhaku Kumu O Ke Kihi  Jesus is the Cornerstone (1988)
'Ole Aloha Me Ko Iesü Lä  Mondoy (2001)
Pömaika'i Wale   [Blessed Assurance} (2001)

H Original Sacred Solo Compositions
Revelations 21 (1979), for funerals

Original Organ Compositions
Ash Wednesday (1985)
Chorale Interlude "Merciful Savior" (1979)
Fanfare (1979)
Jubilate! (1979)
"We Sinned" [Hiding Place]; Organ Postlude (1984)
"Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness" [Was Lebet]; Hymn Introduction (1984)
"Veni Creator Spiritus" Variations (1984)

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