'Ole Aloha Me Ko Ies L (2001) Robert M. Mondoy
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1. 'Ole aloha me k Ies l,
'A'ole e pau a'e,
A ma ka malu o kona p,
Hui kkou apau.

HUI: Aloha la'i makamae,
Laul a kamaha'o;
E huli i ua aloha ka mea lu'ulu'u,
Ke 'uao Ies nou.

2. There is no love like the love of Jesus,
love that will never end.
Come, taste and see the goodness of God.
Behold Jesus, brother and friend.

Chorus: Come, share God's love,
Taste the joy and the wonder that is yours now.
So die to yourself and let Christ live in you.
One in love, one with our Jesus.

3. 'Ole na'au i piha i ke aloha,
E like me k Ies,
Ke 'eha k kkou nei mau na'au,
'Eha p n kl. HUI

4. Hahai kkou i ko Ies leo,
Ho'opili no mau,
A ma kona poli e maha ai
Ma ka home la'i. HUI
                                                    Singable English: Robert M. MOndoy (2001)
1. There is no love like that of Jesus,
A love unending,
Into the shelter of his gates,
Let us all gather.

HUI: A tranquil, precious love,
Wide and wondrous;
Let the down-trodden turn to that love,
Your Jesus, the mediator.

3. No heart is as filled with love
Like that of Jesus'
Where our hearts are burdened,
He truly shares our burden.

4. Let us follow the voice of Jesus,
Steadfastly cling to him,
In his bosom taste the repose
Of that tranquil home.   

                                      Translation: PUAKEA NOGELMEIER, Robert Mondoy



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1996 Mondoy Music  All rights reserved. Used with permission. Text: Hawaiian text by Ella Hudson Paris "Hualalai" (1852-1938) after Theodore E. Perkins (1831-1912) "There is no love like the love of Jesus" in N Hmeni Haipule Hawai'i, (1970). Singable English by Robert M. Mondoy (b.1952).   Tune: 'Ole Aloha Robert M. Mondoy, 2001. Mahalo to Puakea Nogelmeier and Calvin Liu for their help with orthography and translation.
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