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Repertoire from YouTuber Gamma 734:

Rustem Yakhin  7.11.21
Arietta Am  S. Maykapar  5.12.21   xxx
Silence Isaac Dunaevsky  7.13.21
Prelude Op3/1 Alexander Tiniakov 5.21.21
Valse Melancholique Alexander Tiniakov 5.22.21
At Twilight Op 292/5 Gustav Lange 11.04.21
3 Morceaux Op14 Yakiv Stepovy 05.23.21
Prelude Op7/6 Yakiv Stepovy 09.24.21
Romance Semyon Barmontin  2.2.22
Romance Gennody Lukinykh 9.1.21
Nocturne Varie Op. 3 "Esperance" Tausig  8.5.21
 Nocturne (Abends Am See) Max Oeston 11.2.21

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