Hymn to Saint Marianne  [Ka Makani Kaʻili Aloha]
by Terri Laureta OSF

Dear Saint Marianne, aloha! We greet you with rainbows in our hearts.
O, Saint Marianne, we pray you to bless you people here below.

1. Saint Marianne, you journeyed o'er the sea, impassioned and longing to bring comfort.
Your fruitful acts of mercy inspire us today. We remember, O holy Marianne.

2. Saint Marianne, you touched the exiled heart. You fulfilled your solemn promise to Hawaiʻi.
Warm waters soothe your feet, Quiet breezes cool your face. We honor you, O gentle Marianne.

3. Saint Marianne, great pilgrim of the isles: We name you true daughter of Molokaʻi!
Your spirit spurs on onward as we look to heaven's home. We praise you, O dear Saint Marianne.

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