136. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today  [Molokaʻi Nui A Hina]  SJV: 335
Christ the Lord is Risen Today (Leo: Moloka'i Nui A Hina)
1. Christ the Lord is risen today; Christians, haste your vows to pay; Make your joy and praises known to the Paschal Victim; For the sheep the Lamb has bled, sinless in the sinner's stead. Christ the Lord is risen on high; now he loves, no more to die.
2. Christ, the victim undefiled, God and sinners reconciled; Christ has fought with death and won for us life eternal. Christians on this happy day raise your hearts with joy and say: Christ the Lord is risen on high; now he lives, no more to die.
3. Hallowed, chosen dawn of praise, Easter, queen of all our days; Zion's children everywhere come and share your glory. Let the people praise you, Lord, be, by all that is, adored: Let the nations shout and sing: Glory to their Paschal King.
4. Christ, who once for sinners bled, now the first born from the dead. Throned in endless might and power, live and reign forever. Hymns of glory, songs of praise, Father, unto you we raise: Risen Lord, we now adore. With the Spirit evermore.
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Hua ʻōlelo: Victimae Pascahli Laudes, asc. to Wipo of Burgundy, (d. 1048); Tr. by Jane E. Leeson (1809-1881), alt R Mondoy 1997, 1999 Leo: Anonymous Tenting Tonight, an American Civil War tune, known in Hawaiʻii as Molokaʻi Nui a Hina, This arrangement Robert M. Mondoy, 1997.
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