Nä Pua Lei 'Ilima   GO Download/Print←click this for sheet music Tenor in Treble Clef  GO Download/Print←click this for sheet music Tenor in Bass Clef  
by Abbey Palea & Kau'i Zuttermeister, arr. Aaron  Mahi, 2011

 Lei ka 'ilima pua melemele 'ohu kau po'ohiwi he nani nö 

1. Nani wale nä pua ka lei 'ilima
 'O ka u'i ho'oheno O Käkuhihewa 
2. Külana hiehie me ka hanohano 
Ha'aheo i ka maka ke 'ike aku 
3. Ho'ohihi ka mana'o lä i laila 
Nä pua lei 'ilima e kaulana nei 
4. Kaulana nä pua lei ka 'ilima 
Ke kikowaena o nä 'ailana 
5. 'Ohu'ohu wale ai nä malihini 
Ka nani kaulana poina 'ole 
6. Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana 
Nä pua lei 'ilima e kaulana nei
The yellow 'ilima blossom adorning your shoulder, how splendid

1. Lovely indeed are the 'ilima blossoms, string as a lei
The cherished beauty of Käkuhihewa’s land
2.Held in esteem and honored
A thing of pride to behold
3. The mind is entranced by the thought
Of the blossoms of the lei 'ilima, so renowned
4.Famous are the blossoms of the lei 'ilima
The very heart of the island chain
5.They adorn visitors in glory
The famous and unforgettable beauty
6. The story is told in the refrain
 Of the blossoms of the lei 'ilima, so renowned.

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Text: Abbey Palea, Music: Kau'i Zuttermeister.  Arrangement ©2011 Aaron Mahi.  All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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