Maui o Kama  by Alice Angeline Johnson (1912-1982) , ca. 1935? Arranged for Chorus by Leonard "Red" Hawk, (date unknown (1940?) "As is" version: Corrected: orthography, accidentals, some notation & corrected text "E ka u'i o Kama" by Manu Boyd   GO Download/Print←click this for sheet music  

Kipa a 'ike aku i ka nani o Maui
me ka pua roselani onaona
Kü kilakila nö 'o Haleakalä
kuahiwi nani 'oi kelakela

Ha'aheo nö ho'i 'oe i
Kepaniwai a'o 'Ïao
Noenoe Uakea o Häna,
hoapili o ka Mälualua

Eia nö Nä Wai 'Ehä me
nä hono a'o Pi'ilani
Kaulana kou inoa ë
a puni ka honua nei

Eö mai i kou inoa
E ka u'i nui o Kama
Hea mai i këia mele nei

Ha'ina mai ka puana
E ka u'i nui o Kama
Eö mai 'oe he mele këia nou,
e Maui.
Visit and see the loveliness of Maui
with its fragrant roselani blossoms
Majestic stands Haleakalä,
mountain foremost in beauty

Proud indeed are you of the
historical Kepaniwai of 'Ïao
With the White Uakea rain of Hana,
companion to the Mälualua breezes

Here, then, are the Four Great Waters
and the bays of chief Pi'ilani
Famous is your name
all around the world

We call out your name
O Maui, great beauty of chief Kamaläläwalu
Respond, give answer to this name song

The story is told
of Maui, great beauty of Kama
Respond to this name song for you,

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Hua 'ölelo me leo: Alice Angeline Johnson (1912-1982) song composition year: ca. 1935?
Choir arrangement: after manuscript by Leonard "Red" Hawk", year unknown (1940?),
Corrected text "Ea ka u'i o Maui" na Manu Boyd
Orthography and translation: Puakea Nogelmeier. This page/links for educational purposes only. Created Fall 2009
Any reproduction (photocopying or download-printing) of this song's sheet music or song text requires you to read and follow follow the Reprint Policy of the publisher or copyright owner. Do contact them, and support them by purchasing their materials to help provide quality music for us all.

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